Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Capital University of Physical Education and Sports & Study in cupes

Application Requirements and Documents

I. Qualification for Admission

The applicant should be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport and also a senior high school graduate or with equivalent schooling in the age bracket of 18-40, be in good health and having an HSK certificate (level 4 or above) or with equivalent level. There are 11 undergraduate majors for application as follows:

1. Martial Arts and Chinese Traditional Sports

2. Sports Coaching

3. Dance Performance

4. Leisure Sports

5. Guidance and Management of Social Sports

6. Physical Education

7. Exercise Rehabilitation

8. Human Kinesiology

9. Sports Economics and Management

10. Public Administration

11. Journalism

NB: If applicants for bachelor’s degree don’t have the prerequisite Chinese language level, they can study Chinese language for one year as a preppy in CUPES (Capital University of Physical Education and Sports). Those qualified applicants after one year of study can be admitted as undergraduates.

II. Application Procedures

Applicants need to download CUPES Application Form for International Students from the website: Together with other materials,     applicants could apply to School of International Education of CUPES. Application materials could be submitted either by personal delivery or by post.

Material Details:

1.  CUPES Application Form for International Students (download online and print, with a photo, signature and the guarantor’s signature)

2.  High school graduation certificate and high school transcripts;

3.  Study plan;

4.  HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Grade 4 Certificate or other evidence;

5.  Two recommendation letters by high school teachers (with recommender’s signature);

6.  A copy of passport;

7.  Two passport photos (please write on the back of photo your name and the major you apply for);

8.  Registration fee: RMB 330;

9.  If you are studying in China, please attach transfer letter or a copy of the completion certificate;

★ If no special specification, all above materials are required to submit original or notarized

★ Application materials should be submitted in English or Chinese

★ Registration fee and application materials are non-refundable

III. Admission Notice

Every year in early July, the applicants may inquire for admission status and scholarships assessment results via the website or telephone of School of International education in Capital University of Physical Education and sports.

Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) will be issued to the admitted applicants around the middle of July.

IV. Visa Application and Admission Registration

The admitted applicants should bring their Passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202), and Foreigner Physical Examination Form as well as Blood Test Record to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China, and apply for a student visa (X visa). The students shall come to International Student Office of CUPES with the above materials and 5 photos for admission registration before the deadline indicated on the Admission Notice.

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